Executive Committee

The SDR is managed by an elected executive committee that includes honorary officers and an elected chair. It is responsible for the running of the Society and for delegating members to oversee the publications, events and working parties.

The Society for Dance Research’s Executive Committee is made up of the following members:

Lise Uytterhoeven, Chair
Victoria Thoms, Vice-Chair
Maria Salgado Llopis, Secretary
Jane Carr, interim Treasurer
Bethany Whiteside, Membership Secretary
Kathryn Stamp, Newsletter Editor
Jeremy Barlow
Melissa Blanco Borelli
Chantal Guevara
Helena Hammond
Alexandra Kolb
Debbie Norris
Katerina Paramana
Stacey Prickett
Laura Robinson
Florent Trioux
Charlotte Waelde

Richard Ralph, Dance Research Journal Editor
Ivor Guest, Founding President